Saturday 14 November 2009

Negativity Percolates Faster...Lasts Longer


In past 6-8 weeks there have been many thoughts running through my mind, thoughts I didn't know I could harbour, thoughts I didn't know could weigh as much and thoughts that would demand a conscious effort to fight off!

Normally, I am an easy-go-lucky kinda guy; normally, things happening around don't perturb me easily; normally, I feel I am in control of my thoughts; normally, I manage to stay happy from within. Last 6-8 weeks haven't been like that...

I wouldn't dwell on everything that has caused this turmoil in my mind. Just wanted to share that I haven't given in to negativity, but I have realised that once you go weak, negativity percolates faster and lasts longer!

I am not sure how long would I need still to get to my "normal" self, but I know I am better now than I was a couple of weeks ago.