Sunday 30 November 2014

I am not sure...

Is it that my wings have been clipped,
Or I don't allow my thoughts to fly?

Is it out of my league,
Or I am afraid to try?

Is it me who is alone now,
Or I don't want to take other's support & rely?

Is it seeking the impossible,
Or my well is indeed running dry?

Is the pressure building up,
Or my over-thinking causing problems to multiply?

Is the heat unmanageable now,
Or my temperament is on the fry?

Is it that things are serious all around,
Or my sense of humour is in short-supply?

Is it me in the mirror,
Or a far cry?

Tuesday 25 November 2014

Reading is Fuel for Thinking Brain

I wouldn't classify myself as a more-than-average-curious-guy, but I have always taken pride in possessing a thinking brain - a brain that likes to get deep with issues that either excited me or troubled me at a personal level...and there have always been more of the latter than the former.

I understood quickly that I am not a reader of news & analysis to keep abreast with the latest around the world. Rather, I understood myself as a student of human nature, of love, of philosophies, of life.

There is a remarkable contribution that reading has had in my life. When I started reading beyond course books (in VI standard), to when I was reading all the time in college and even now, when I read once in a while - people who understand me, can see the impact reading has had on my life. From the obvious aspect of improving language, to my thinking, my attitude, my introduction to love, to certain extent my nature as well - reading has influenced all (obviously, in varied degrees).

Year 2014 has been the first that I have read more non-fiction than fiction. Some of what I have read has been about Indian history, about people who shaped history (Gandhi & Jinnah), about American war on terror, about rockstars & sportsmen (post-break-up Beatles & Rubin "Hurricane' Carter)...every such book opened up my mind to new perspectives of life, to new ideas, to new philosophies, to new dimensions of life. Something, in my opinion, fiction can't fulfill alone!

Now that I am trying to maintain this blog - I need more influences, more experiences...thus - I simply know, I need to read more. After all, reading is fuel for thinking brain!

Wednesday 12 November 2014

Peace of Mind

What do I need to do to feel better?
What can I do, I hurt my pride?

It is my heart that's become unsteady...
When will I stop feeling empty & dissatisfied?

I am still wondering, still stuck with "what if"!
Will the pain ever subside?

Where will this feeling take me?
Can I just find a place to lay low & hide?

It has become dark around me...
Will the Sun come out again, make it bright outside?

How does one put this behind?
How does one achieve peace of mind?