Sunday 10 February 2019

Life: As I See It

Life throws us off,
Challenges us to be better.
Puts unprecedented pressures on us,
To win our bread & butter.

Life is seemingly unfair,
Rarely giving us the reward we seek.
There are undeserving winners all-around,
Future often looks bleak.

Life is far from a smooth ride,
A constant bumpy-road ahead.
There are no short-cuts or u-turns,
No place to rest, not even a bed.

Life is an inexplicable phenomenon,
We can neither explain nor understand.
No perspective can suggest otherwise,
No outlook can change the listed bad.

Life is an experience, at best,
Worse, it is a struggle and a pain.
In all this life-partner could be the greatest boon,
Or, oh-dear-lord, the biggest bane.

Life does give us glimpses and a taste,
Of the good and the bad.
We, via our expectations and acceptance
Make life's experiences happy-ones or sad.

Life is a journey,
Without set duration or destination.
Find good company and enjoy the ride, 
Without worry or question.

Life is a gift that not many get,
To be accepted graciously.
Whether with a smile or a frown
It is our choice, entirely.

Life is to be lived,
That in itself is its purpose - the "why".
To make the most of starry nights,
To smell the flowers, and enjoy the deep blue sky.