Wednesday 21 May 2014

Tumhari Yaadein

Tumhari yaad liye baithe hain aaj tak
Socha tumhe khabar to kar dein

Har ek pal tumhare hi taraf phenk deta hai humko
Socha tumhari tasveeron se hi baat kar lein

Koi baat nahi bhoole hain
Socha purani baaton se hi dil behela lein

Kyon nahi jee pate tumhare bina
Socha yaadon se hi kaam chala lein

Zaroori nahi tum bhi hum ko yaad karo
Socha, zinda hain...bus itna hi bata dein

Thursday 15 May 2014

Are Men Ashamed Already...Apparently Not!

Every time, I come across the (in)famous words - "all men are bastards", I debate against the core idea of generalising. I do not think generalising serves much for such broad subject, but I do understand that this is the time when generalising is most required...if for nothing else, but to (hopefully) make an impact.

An impact that cannot be brought about using the words - "most men"! Problem with using "most men" is short & simple - every man would conveniently assume, "I am not part of that group". It is only when the statement is "all men" that every single man gets up to take notice and fight why he should not be on that list.

Honest men would realise on their own - when they decide to fight against generalisation that they are not pure, they are not guilt-free and definitely part-bastards. 

Level of consciousness hasn't reached this level yet - men are still not ashamed of how they look at women and what they think of women. It is almost as if men have no self-control, at least no control on their thoughts. 

It is rather easy to blame on genes / chromosomes...easier to actually blame it on God - "I am like this because that's how God intended men to be like". But none of this is true - men are like this because they don't think any better.

I am embarrassed with some of my own thoughts now, thoughts that I too used to consider normal / natural. I know I have never intentionally abused a woman - but at the same time I also know I have abused many in my mind.

Whether it is because media is doing more towards bringing abuse right in our face, or that more abuse is taking place (somehow I think it is the former - abuse has probably been on for a long time) - the issue of abuse is seriously being discussed and at certain level - also worked on.

I hope there are 2 basic changes that happen (sooner the better): 1) men feel ashamed, adjust a bit on their attitude and start respecting women and 2) women start fighting harder - I see no reason for women to take any sort of nonsense (physical / verbal / mental) anymore. I am certain, in more than a few cases, women fighting back in itself will help in improving the present abysmal situation.

Friday 9 May 2014

Get A Hobby...Shake-off Routine

Last week, I was chatting with a group of school friends and we touched up on the subject of hobbies we had in our childhood. From stamp collection to writing letters to pen friends (yes - there was a concept of pen friends in '90s) to more evolved - playing a musical instrument. Sadly - none of these hobbies / interests could survive. We had not only had lost touch with hobbies of our childhood, but have no hobby to talk about in present day.

It wasn't difficult for the group to make peace with lack of a hobby in our life..."we are busier now- have a family, have a job... we are settled!".

This discussion led me to think: to feel settled in is as much about being in a steady job and / or steady relationship, as it is about living a routine based life. From getting up in the morning to hitting the bed at night - most days follow similar routine.

There is comfort in doing known things, there is lesser pressure to think "what to do" every day and there is a general sense of calm & control all around - this is what routine based life offers. Along with the said calm & control - there is an almost certain boredom that tends to creep in every now & then. Boredom is just as natural as the calm & control offered by routine.

Most of us beat boredom by passive activities - my guess is that TV viewing would top the list. There would be certain obvious others - reading, eating, movies / music (watching / listening)...sleeping ;).

In my view, pursuing passive intersts, over a period of time, does not break the monotony of routine... unfortunately, this too becomes part of the routine. This may definitely help us relax and unwind, but the pleasure of doing something gets diminished as this too is now a routine. Reading a book may be viewed as better than being a couch potato - but after a while it neither adds to you (vocabulary / grammar / philosophy) nor challenges you to make changes to your life.

Having said that, it is for each individual to realise and thus prioritise - whether there is scope of pursuing active interests. Off-late, I have started to believe that there is more to life than the routine we live out and the passive entertainment we derive pleasure from.

On my part, thanks to a friend who pushed me towards it, I started writing again. It hasn't been very long, but the fact that I have managed to keep it up for last 9 months - I know how good it feels to do create something...something original...something mine...something to share...and more importantly, something besides the routine!

Thursday 8 May 2014

Self-controlled Impulse

It is quite normal to just leap
It is just human to just act
It is not always a thought out jump
But not necessarily a bad call, in fact!

Thinking kills the fun
Over-thinking kills spontaneity
Not every decision need be correct
Why is there such a need for homogeneity?

One rash decision, one wrong call...
One missed opportunity, one "should have done" thought
Which would you prefer, which would you trade?
Be honest, be true - anything else, must not!

You have more of one element
Identify it - hold on to it...but nurture the other
Controlling what you already have, is no victory
Learn to use both - enjoy best of both worlds, rather!

Well thought out doesn't guarantee success
Impulse doesn't mean failure every time
One is generally safe, other could be risky...
Do a bit of both - enjoy everlasting prime.