Thursday 8 May 2014

Self-controlled Impulse

It is quite normal to just leap
It is just human to just act
It is not always a thought out jump
But not necessarily a bad call, in fact!

Thinking kills the fun
Over-thinking kills spontaneity
Not every decision need be correct
Why is there such a need for homogeneity?

One rash decision, one wrong call...
One missed opportunity, one "should have done" thought
Which would you prefer, which would you trade?
Be honest, be true - anything else, must not!

You have more of one element
Identify it - hold on to it...but nurture the other
Controlling what you already have, is no victory
Learn to use both - enjoy best of both worlds, rather!

Well thought out doesn't guarantee success
Impulse doesn't mean failure every time
One is generally safe, other could be risky...
Do a bit of both - enjoy everlasting prime.

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