Thursday 12 October 2017

Who am I, what am I?

Who am I, what am I?

What I do – does that define me?
Who am I with – does that define me?

Where I was born, does that make me, me?
Or where I am now that makes me, me?

Do my past experiences mould me?
Or where I want to be that shapes me?

How good I look, is what makes me attractive?
Or how good I am from within that makes me attractive?

Do I fit a square, a circle, or even a triangle – do I fit at all?
Am I unique in this world, or alone hiding behind a wall?

Am I strong, as I think, or actually weak?
Am I at the bottom of the pyramid, or have I reached the peak?

What’s more important - my success or how many times I fail and fall?
Am I over-thinking it all?

Am I what the other person sees in me?
Or am I what I am – ME?

Who am I, what am I?