Thursday 13 February 2014

One Track Mind

It is always in my thoughts
Whether the front or behind
Everything and anything can be linked to it
I have a one-track-mind

I believe it is the only universal topic
Jokingly or seriously - I can bring around all discussions to it
Many call me crazy, I call them myopic
Yes...I have a one-track-mind

With men as companions, it can get crass-funny
With women as companions, it can get flirtatious
Be smart, be respectful...but I use it every where
Glad I have a one-track-mind

Everyone thinks and does it - but say, dare shallow!
It is the only constant...across entire width and length
Only the liberated ones can pull it off...Trapped minds can't swallow
Proud I have a one-track-mind

It relaxes, it pleases...It is honest, it is pure
Why is it then a taboo?
Well...don't know, don't care...their problem
I have a one-track-mind

Thursday 6 February 2014

Who is honest today?

It isn't easy to recall when was the last time I was totally honest - this is when I spend a few minutes in front of the mirror every day. Just as affection, loyalty and other traits of being human - honesty too is layered. There are different degrees of honesty - depending on situations, people involved and things at stake. With experience of equations at work, being dishonest almost becomes our genuine reaction - whether we intended to or not.

Fact remains - most of us want to be honest most of the times. Also, it is an undisputed fact that concept of 100% honesty is more utopian than realistic. What does one do?

For the more evolved beings - diplomacy is the key and offers the perfect grey area to play in - it allows to veil dishonest opinions & words. Diplomacy necessarily doesn't hurt and definitely doesn't make its user a liar. 

Remember: grey-area and veil - that's diplomacy's strength. It allows us to smartly get around, avoid stepping on as many toes while doing so and most importantly, still call ourselves 'not-dishonest'.

It is easier said than done - diplomacy is an art and isn't easily mastered by most. It is this 'most' that is left to grapple with issues of honesty / dishonesty. The bard so aptly said: "to be...or not to be"!

I have been churning this for sometime - honesty may indeed be the best policy, but is it the best practice in today's world. Can the world accept honesty? Can I accept a 100% true and honest comment...even from people, who I know love me the most? Can I be honest to myself...all the time?

I genuinely doubt if answer to above questions is YES! For anyone...




I stand corrected!