Thursday 13 February 2014

One Track Mind

It is always in my thoughts
Whether the front or behind
Everything and anything can be linked to it
I have a one-track-mind

I believe it is the only universal topic
Jokingly or seriously - I can bring around all discussions to it
Many call me crazy, I call them myopic
Yes...I have a one-track-mind

With men as companions, it can get crass-funny
With women as companions, it can get flirtatious
Be smart, be respectful...but I use it every where
Glad I have a one-track-mind

Everyone thinks and does it - but say, dare shallow!
It is the only constant...across entire width and length
Only the liberated ones can pull it off...Trapped minds can't swallow
Proud I have a one-track-mind

It relaxes, it pleases...It is honest, it is pure
Why is it then a taboo?
Well...don't know, don't care...their problem
I have a one-track-mind

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