Credit & Copyright

Most of my posts are based on my feelings, experiences and thoughts - I know these aren't lighthearted, thus I have tried to capture lighter side of life through cartoons that accompany all my posts.

I have not been able to give credit to individuals / groups who have designed these cartoons / illustrations, with every post. I would like to state here that none of the cartoons, illustrations and images on my blog are my copyright and are being used without any official permission from their owners. Credit of all cartoons / illustrations / images goes to their respective owners.

I have found them on internet and used them - if anybody doesn't like the fact that I have used one (or more) of their cartoons / illustrations / images, please write to me and I promise to immediately take down any content / image / cartoon / illustration that does not belong to me and is disputed.

However, all written content is my own and thus my copyright.

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