Thursday 31 December 2020

A Prayer For The New Year

A Prayer For The New Year


May we pray

May we have faith

Instead of feeling hopeless more


May we wait

May we hold-on

Instead of pushing others anymore

May we question

May we listen

Instead of believing bull-shit more


May we seek

May we find

Instead of being lost anymore


May we give

May we share

Instead of only-consuming more


May we stand-up

May we stand together

Instead of being divided anymore

May we smile

May we be happy

Instead of shedding tears more


May we help

May we hold hands

Instead of being selfish anymore

May we open our eyes

May we see the light

Instead of choosing the dark more


May we learn to be human

May we learn from the animals

Instead of being foolish anymore


May we fulfil

May we be fulfilled

Instead of living empty more

May we become better

May we be 'more-than'

Instead of being 'less-than' anymore

Monday 21 December 2020

2020 & Me


2020 & Me

Incomprehensible present

Unknown future

Infeasible wants

Unfulfilled dreams

Inevitable reality

Unavoidable challenges

Injudicious actions

Unsatisfactory results

Ineffective efforts

Uncontrollable outcomes

Inexplicable journey

Unfamiliar territory 

Inconsistent days

Unwanted circumstances 

Incorrect assumptions 

Unnecessary rush

Insignificant voice

Unsure thoughts

Insecure heart

Unenthusiastic mind

Inhumane us

Unprepared me

Wednesday 9 December 2020

Managing the Unprecedented

This phase is far from normal

And far from being comfortable too

Kept my head down

Kept a safe distance through and through

Still been sniffling and sneezing all day

Hope I have just the common flu

There isn’t simply a way out

No matter how hard we try to 

Be in the ‘here and now’

That’s a strong clue

For managing what seems unmanageable 

And makes everything appear blue

The challenges we face

Are unprecedented and new

I haven’t been fair or even good sometimes

Overlooked and left much overdue 

But I am here, as part of your team

Always in your crew

You are the one for me

This I knew

Now you hold my life together

Like a strong glue

You are all that I need

Well, also a hot brew