Sunday 18 May 2008

Working on a Sunday


I write this post to emphasise upon certain benefits of working on a Sunday. Before I start, let me clarify that I am not a workaholic nor am I single (who has nothing better to do on a Sunday).

From my experience, following are the benefits:

1. In all likelihood, you are alone (or at least lonely) in office - thus your per capita output increases

2. In all likelihood, you have a reason to work on a Sunday like unfinished presentation, important first-thing-in-the-morning Monday meeting preparation, pending e-mails or work...what ever be your reason, Sunday allows you to focus on that issue - since it is less likely to get phone calls, have fires to fight, have anyone distract you

3. You can put on your kind of music, without worrying about what others might say / feel about is your time, the way you want to utilise it - and the best part, you are finishing up work

4. One other benefit is - earn brownie points in your boss' eyes...

5. Last on my list is - get to write posts for your blog while you are still pretending to be working!!!

Anyhow - this is it from me...Ciao!


rohit rajput said...

working on sunday usually drains me of energy for the coming week. sometime around thursday- you tend to slack off . So usually working on sunday for me comes at the expense of a productive fri+sat.

The other thing is a thought i heard at a ceo forum. If you're working on sunday -for business as usual- where will you get the bandwidth and extra energy from when a real crisis looms ( and that happens more in start ups than anywhere else)

having said that-i've tried unsuccesfully to stop working on a sunday- but end up spending a couple of hours anyway!!

Mudit Aggarwal said...

Hi Rohit,

It is true that human body does need rest and cannot go on and on endlessly. It is thus upto each individual to know what pressure-levels his / her body can endure and thus work accordingly.

I somehow feel working on a Sunday as a habit will certainly tire me down - but working on an occasional Sunday - rather refreshes me as my productivity is just so good on that day...

Well, that is me - I am sure this does not make it a rule at all!

Thanks for writing in...



Bandhu Aggarwal said...


Did you forget some other benifits of working on a Sunday like cheating on your wife.

Sunday is for relaxing not lazying.And whoever said you can't relax and work.So if you have nothing worthwhile lined up for a Sunday,you may as well work in a relaxed mood.

Happy Sundaying Muddy buddy.


Mudit Aggarwal said...

Hi Dad,

Thanks for sharing your insights on few more benefits...

It is good hear from a person who's worked on all Sundays for last 10 years now!