Thursday 16 October 2008

What is law these days?


I think this is what we all are moving utter and complete scenario of universal lawlessness, where there shall be one and only one law - "what I say is right (WISIR)"!

There have always been instances and examples that can be qouted from past - but it is only in last few years that WISIR has really taken shape and is beginning to look formidable enough to take on previously written rule-books. 

This concept is usually seen practiced by people who have or seem to have power given by today's rule-books. Power is also an interesting concoction of what is rightly given and what is taken by might.

I am a part of it as well...even if I try and pretend that my degree of practicing WISIR is way below many others, but I still am a part of this! Interestingly I am neither happy nor really bothered by the fact that number of people not practicing WISIR are diminishing...hmmm...come to think of it, I am a bigger memeber of this group than I would like to admit...

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