Thursday 27 November 2008

Nitish Singal

There are few such occasions when we actually stop to think about our past, about people who we came in contact with, about people who we lost contact with, about events that made us, about events that almost broke us – but we fought through, about achievements and failed attempts, about love that we thought was real and about love that was actually real, about aspirations that we had, about dream-castles that we built, about life in general…
I experienced something like this the day before. It was past mid-night, I was at a coffee shop celebrating Nitish’s birthday. This was a special time, as we were celebrating his turning thirty. Somehow this just feels special…Sitting there, I could only think of past thirteen years that we have been friends. I will not elaborate on why and how he is important to me; just this much should be enough that I have shared all that is mentioned above with him over the years. And now, I would like to share some of him with all of you:
Nitish the badminton player – early 1990s, he was in Dehradun. He took up badminton and took it seriously. Played and practiced for hours daily, wanted to become an athlete of note…but an injury held him back. He was hurt, he was disappointed and he was heart-broken…but this wasn’t end of the world for him.
Nitish the Editor – School Magazine – he joined TAFS in class XI (mid-1990s) and took up Journalism as his SUPW subject. He excelled at it and was rewarded next year with the position of Editor – School Magazine. Later (same year), he also became first to receive the Journalism Trophy on School's Annual Day function. Though I was contesting for both, but losing them to Nitish was the second best option and I accepted it.
Nitish the lover – well, thankfully our dostana is straight. Anyhow, he is a guy who has loved, lost, fought for what was lost, rued over it, pulled himself out, attended marriages of past girl-friends and amongst all this – found his true love, married her and has never been as content with life ever before!
Nitish the dreamer – dreaming has been his favourite pass time and the biggest nemesis as well. In school he would dream of becoming the Prime Minister of India, more to correct the situation than for power. Then we both grew older, he joined MDI Gurgaon to do his MBA and his dreams became corporate. He dreamt featuring on the cover page of a business magazine before he turns 35. There have been few dreams that were more realistic and have come true for him. But dreaming becomes his nemesis when he forgets to cherish fulfilled dreams and starts chasing new ones. In this chase, he may be missing out on small packets of happiness.
Nitish the cool head – I have never (and I mean NEVER) seen him scream or raise his voice on anyone. He is Mr. Cool – who comes across as a person with calm written all over him when situations push him to the wall.
Nitish the friend – well, that is what he has been in the truest sense. I don’t know how to describe this bit. I can only hope you have had a friend in life to understand what he means to me…
Thank you Nitish, I wish you the best of everything and may all your dreams come true…

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