Tuesday 20 January 2009

Speciality Restaurant Group...My latest favourite!


My experience of eating at three restaurants of Speciality Restaurant group has been exactly opposite of the cartoon put up...I loved the food so much that I must post it on my blog.

In my knowledge, this group has three brands operational in Delhi - Oh! Calcutta, Mainland China and Sigree (this is just a few days old in Delhi and is not even updated on their website). I am sure you can assume the cuisines offered in these three restaurants...

I had first eaten @ Oh! Calcutta sometime last year and in past one year - I have been there at-least half a dozen times. It is a place where one can safely take guests as well - knowing very well that there shall be no mishaps, nothing would go wrong with your order and most importantly - you will get the most authentic bengali food, without a doubt! Do make a reservation in advance - there is a chance that you may have to wait to be seated.

My favourite dish is a mutton-dish that is to be eaten with 'luchi' (or as I understand puri). Other than mutton - if you like or would like to try authentic bengali food - just lean on the well-mannered and extremely knowledgeable team of waiters - who will gladly assist you in deciding what to order. As for desserts, do try the malpua and the lychee vanilla ice-cream.

Mainland China (MLC) - there are 2 in Delhi now. The older one is in Masjid Moth, GK and the recent-most restaurant has opened in Rajouri Garden. MLC @ RG is on the ground and first floor, while the second floor has the first and only Sigree in Delhi.

Senior staff at these two new outlets has been brought in from Oh! Calcutta team - and it was pleasantly surprising to be welcomed at these restaurants as a regular of Oh! Calcutta. Once our patronage was recognized and appreciated - it was only but-natural for us to be pampered (literally) by food and service. The only thing I can say about it all is - I cannot recall any better eating-out experience than the four meals I have had across these three restaurants in last three weeks.

I wish the best to the entire team of Speciality Restaurant...they have done a fabulous job so far!

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