Saturday 1 August 2009

Indian Ocean - The Band


As a child, I grew up on the music that dad had, which basically had the likes of Beatles, Capenters, Trini Lopez, Elvis Presley, Harry Belafonte, Jim Reeves... Other than this there were many Indian classical albums at our, I was at best a non-rock kinda person. I lived with a few misconceptions about music...

Misconception 1: Rock is too heavy on ears...this was broken only in college when I was introduced to some Gods of Rock and it took me a while to stabilise from Rock-mania.

Misconception 2: In India, there were three kinds of musicians - bollywood, Indian classical and singers like Jagjit Singh / Pankaj Udhas. For someone who had recently fallen in love with Rock music...I was actually going back in time to find more and more of singers / albums that I hadn't heard.

In 2001, a friend lost one of my T-shirts and in lieu of that - he gave me an album of Indian Ocean...Kandisa. With reluctance I accepted the cassette and loved it from the first time I played it on my walkman. In all these years, I had the first opportunity to see Rahul and Amit on stage at a Parikrama & Friends concert in 2009. Though they didn't play any of their own compositions that evening, but seeing them in person - made me want even more to see one of their own shows.

This post is to let everyone know that I am big fan of Indian Ocean's music. Guys...listen to their music if you haven' is absolutly mind-blowing!

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