Thursday 17 August 2017

We are more of both these days: Insensitive & Sensitive

It is not wrong when people think that the world has become a smaller place these days. People travel a lot more frequently, and many more do, from almost anywhere in the world to almost anywhere else…communication across the globe does happen a lot easily in 21st century than even the last decade of 20th century…and well, yes, ideas originating in one person’s mind can spread across the globe like wild fire, which has led to revolutions (Arab springs) to throw out unpopular governments.

Technology, of one form or another, is at the root of such sea-change in the way people work, relax, communicate, share, and live now. With all these changes, there is a dichotomous behavioural change happening as well – as a society, we are becoming more of both, insensitive (inconsiderate) and sensitive (thin-skinned) at the same time...insensitive towards others, sensitive w.r.t. our own thoughts / ideology / beliefs.

On one hand, it has become important to promote the concept of ‘freedom of speech’, allowing anyone to say anything (let’s say within some legal & moral limits), yet on the other hand acceptance of another person’s opposing views to our own is next to impossible. It is almost like this: I have a thought, I want to share with the world, this thought can potentially hurt some, but what do I care – via freedom of speech, I have a right to say anything to anyone. This is how we show insensitivity. At the same time, there are more people just waiting to be offended by this thought – even when it comes from someone as insignificant as me. Thus, showing sensitivity of stupid levels, where religion / faith get threatened by few words.

How can we become such fools – promote a concept as a basic right in our society, and at the same time not put the same concept to practise when it is required the most?

I believe, just as mother nature is all about equilibrium, human nature too needs balance. If one set of humans become better on something than they used to be, then at the same time, some other set of humans must become worse at the same thing, than they used to be. Thus – becoming more of both: insensitive and sensitive at the same time!

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