Sunday 16 June 2019

For You, Dad!

On this Father's Day,
This poem is your gift, dad.
Thanks to you we have become friends,
This friendship is ironclad.

You and I might not always agree,
But I seek your approval always.
You and I are different individuals,
But you have inspired me, since my early days.

I don't share a lot with you,
And that's my fault.
I think I might not be that different from you,
You keep your emotions locked in a vault.

It is a God-given opportunity,
To be with you now.
You are such a rockstar, which I see today,
But never realised this before, somehow.

I might not show this often enough,
But I thank you.
I might not say this often enough,
But I love you.

You bring life, to life itself
Bringing joy where there is none.
You have made me who I am,
Proud to be your son.

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