Monday 30 March 2020

Hope, Love and Believe!

Where is this all going
When will our troubles end
Why is it happening to us
Will the sun shine on us again?

How do we fight the unseen
Do we even have a chance
Are we going to fight together
Can we feel each other's pain?

Are we serious about social-distancing
Does this lockdown help at all
Is that light at the end of the tunnel
Or is that a killer-train?

Do we have time to hide and be safe
What if all have been infected already
Are we losing it all
Can we find calm and use our brain?

I can't offer answers, there are none
But there is hope
This is nothing but a test
Something that makes us stronger in long-term.

I offer my love and support
And if you ever need me
I will hold you tightly
When you shiver and squirm.

There is strength in staying apart, yet standing together
There is enough for everyone, don't panic
If we can think beyond ourselves
Selfishness is bigger than this virus, today’s biggest germ.

My friend, we don't need to know the future
Don't need to be able to see in this dark night
We don't even need answers
All that you and I need is to believe, be firm!


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