Wednesday 28 October 2020

Dear 2020


Dear 2020,

We, humans, have been mean to you,
but it is not your fault.
What’s happening around is our own doing,
you just opened Pandora’s vault.

For all the troubles we face,
you are neither the reason nor the cause.
You have only put us on the spot,
magnifying, both, our strengths and our flaws.

We may speak ill of you today,
but truly we are in your debt.
Your memory is etched forever,
no one is likely to forget.

Hope the lessons you intend to teach us,
last long enough.
Designed to bring us emotionally closer,
and make us mentally tough.

Things happen when they are supposed to,
you are only playing your part.
This is a rare opportunity you present,
for us to reboot and restart.

Thank you for this challenge,
one I believe we can overcome.
Will get on to 2021,
stronger we would become.

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