Friday 5 February 2021



We are quick to judge others
Pass verdict, good or bad
Hardly ever look within
How we make ourselves sad

"Why so serious?"
Asked the Joker
Are we always sad
Or always playing poker

Behind our emotional wall
We may feel protected and safe
But the harsh reality is
We become our own slave

This wall built around us
Gets bigger with time
We close doors and windows
Become lonely when beyond our prime

It is not enough to smile more
Although that helps, definitely
It is about being vulnerable
Leaning on a friend, occasionally

Being vulnerable is lowering our guard
To let others in
If others only ever stay out
Doesn't matter whether they are foe or kin

We are neither islands
Nor self-sufficient in any way
Life is not black or white
It is only ever a shade of grey

Let's get out of the head
And reach the heart
Face emotions, be vulnerable
Find a friend, be smart

Feeling vulnerable is not enjoyable
We think it is being weak
But there is strength and courage
In the help we seek

The help we get
In turn allows us to help others
Vulnerability is a two-way street
Ensures all of us grow together

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