Saturday 16 February 2008

Happiness - does it come from within?

Happiness - something that has been chased by all, but means different things to different people. Way to achieve happiness and being happy have different meaning for different people.

My question is - does 'happiness' come from within and not from outside? Can you be unhappy when everything around you is supposedly good or vice-versa? If yes, does it mean that it is just another state of mind, which could actually be in our control!

I wouldn't make this post too long, nor would it sound like a preacher's session. I am just interested in throwing open this view point for a debate - why can't we decide to be happier than we are, even if our circumstances / environment / people around us / boss / salary...nothing changes. Is our happiness really at the mercy of others, are we truly so dependant? Well this is it from me...I know I am happy. I wish the same for you all. Take care and keep smiling!

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