Wednesday 27 February 2008

Hypnotism or Truth???

I was sitting in my office, alone, as others had gone out for lunch. I didn't want to as wasn't feeling hungry enough and also - everybody going out together meant shutters to be brought down. So - I was holding the fort till others came in.

In a moment I saw two sardarji's just coming in - they looked like the ones who move around collecting 'chanda'. I shrugged and told them that I had nothing to give and thought to myself that the sooner I can get rid of them - the better.

It didn't take long for one of them to start talking about me (yes, about me and not to me)...he rattled out a few of my characteristics (which could have been pure fluke) and then - from thin air he plucks out an incident of my past that not many would know!!!

I was shocked, amazed, confused, impressed...all of it leading me to offering them a seat, which they gladly accepted. Now, this guruji (as referred to by his companion) was on a roll...but all this while he didn't touch my past again. Told me sugar-coated things about my future - gave me a date as well, which shall be significant for me.

I did hear all, to be honest I was truly listening. All this despite my self-proclaimed logical brain telling me not to pay attention, not to take it any forward, not to allow them to sit there and be in office anymore...but I was ignoring my own conscience, I was not being myself!!! In the end, not only did I pay them Rs. 201 but also gave them a promise of Rs. 1100 on the birth of my son (which I am to be blessed with according to this guruji).

When all of this was over, my colleagues had also come in by now, I thought all over it and felt pathetic for having fallen for something like this. I didn't know why I went with the flow and ended up with two hundred rupees less in my anyway poor wallet. There were different views floating in my office regarding this incident...some said I was duped, some said these were tantriks and I was partially hypnotised to follow their instructions being conscious all the time...there was another view, all that they said could be true as well.

I don't know what it was, I don't even know whether I am happy or sad about it. Probably I am a little scared to know that there is a possibility of partial / complete hypnotism. What I know is that their mind power was stronger than mine. Well - thankfully this experience was not anymore expensive than a movie and snacks at in the end - was a good one!

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