Thursday 3 April 2008

Jassi a.k.a Jasbir a.k.a Jus-Beer


This post comes from the heart (once again). It is about one of few friends I have.

A little background to this story...I never, even in my wildest dreams, had ever thought of being outside the realm of being a salaried professional. This was not really a choice to make or be burdened was in my blood. With dad serving the Indian Air Force for twenty six years and since then (eleven years) been working with one organization...there was no doubt that all I would do is try and make a mark for myself, in the corporate world - climbing the ladder of success.

In my first job (TOI), I met a uniquely different character - Jassi a.k.a Jasbir a.k.a Jus-Beer! The reason I say he was unique because I hadn't met people like him in my life till then...He was one person who had a single-minded approach towards things he did and towards goals he had. This was at times so weird that I thought it was better to bring the dude back on ground than see him get hurt anytime in the future.

From everything that we have discussed under the sun - the two biggest dreams he had were...go abroad and the other that he would want to start something of his own. Going abroad - well I had no problem in accepting this as a dream, but to start something on your own (when you don't have stable finances to support a business)...I couldn't see logic in this. To be fair on me - as I had mentioned earlier - my mind set and my background didn't allow me the bandwidth to think beyond and appreciate a guy who had the balls to think beyond boundaries!!!

Despite our different goals and absolutely different approaches - we did manage to hold on to our friendship over the years...Today, Jassi is most certainly in the UK...and has also managed to start a small outfit of his own. He might / might not be doing what others had imagined he would be doing right now...but he is one guy who has neither feared nor cared about what the world thinks of him. From starting part-time with MacD in India (while he was still in college) to TOI to UK as a student (did his MBA) to becoming a delivery-boy in the UK - all that he did was with just one aim in mind - "how to get started on my own...with something that I can justify to myself"

Jassi has today made a small and modest start in the UK (how many people do you know who have gone abroad to start a business there - I don't know any), I don't know whether this is his calling or not...but this is certainly his play-field to learn the ropes and become is certainly his stepping stone to success.

I now know that there is worth in dreaming out of the normal, there is merit in trying for it and there is hope beyond the pain! I salute him - for his strength of character, for his never-say-die attitude and his big heart!!!

All the best Jassi - I today know you are living your dream...make the most of it!

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Unknown said...


This is surely one os the the best compliment i have received....more than that It keeps my spirits afloat in the times when things get tough,,,,nasty,,,,unfair,,,!!!

thanx again....