Monday 23 June 2008

My weight loss program continues...


This is in continuation of my previous post "I have lost some weight..." and unlike the woman in cartoon above, I have lost a few kilos!

Its been a little over three months that I was first made to realise what a heavy (and big) frame I had become and that I had to do something about it. This something about it was also served to me on a platter, with booking receipts to a gym membership.
I joined the gym, which was for the first time in my life and did take a fancy to the treadmill and the cross-trainer machine. Coming back from office, changing hurriedly and rushing to the gym to sweat it out was great fun - I must admit. In a few weeks itself - I could see that there is some improvement and I mentioned this in my last post on the topic. That time I had lost about 2-2.5 kgs.

But then, unfortunately the gym got sealed out by the sealing authorities (it was apparently illegal to run a gym from the basement house of a residential colony). Along with this closure - came the end of my exercise regime as well. But to my surprise, today I stand 6 kgs lighter than the day I first went to the gym.

What caused this continued loss of weight - well I don't know...just that my wife had ensured that we eat a little less fatty stuff and manage to go out for evening walks a little more regularly than otherwise...

It is such a great feeling to have all my jeans loose enough to fall down unless worn with a belt. But, the supreme happiness comes when people start telling you that you have slimmed down. And I have not been told by one or two - but a plenty!

Now - even though the gym remains closed (despite being un-sealed) I have started doing Yoga. This does not make me sweat just as much as I used to in the gym - but it certainly tires me out completely...let's see if I can manage to lose some more kgs in the coming weeks and come closer to my target weight.

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