Friday 8 August 2008

It has been raining in Delhi


It has been the rainiest Jun-July-Aug for Delhi in recent years. I don't recall when did we get as much rain as this year, more importantly - for three consecutive months. Anyone who knows me well, would also know my love for rains. They completely drive me up the wall...

Well, it started in the year 2003 - when I drove dad's car in a water pool and got stuck! Back then we used to get knee-high water pools everytime it rained. One morning, it was raining hard and I decided to take dad's car. On my return, I was welcomed by water pools and I didn't want to enter it. But then, as it is said "vinash kale, viprit bhuddhi"...I saw a Maruti Van going steady through this pool. I had driven through such pools earlier as well, everytime driving in the first gear with the acceperator touching the floor.

With my past experince and the confidence of seeing another car managing its way steadily - I decided to venture in this pool! But that was a BIG mistake, as it tunred out within minutes...

Being slightly immature (that's what I would call it for lack of experience) and in hurry - I didn't wait to see how the Maruti Van manages the entire struggle. The fact that she was going steady, but was still just half way through - should have rung some alarm bells - telling me to see how she manages to get out safely. Since I didn't wait - I entered right after her...soon I was met with terror.

Being in a Maruti Esteen, I was going faster than the Van through the pool and soon I was about to catch up with her. It was right then, the Van decided enough is enough and broke down...right in the middle of the pool....errr, the road! With me just behind her - seeing that she had come to a halt almost abruptly - I braked...and that was the end of my journey inside my car through the pool.

My house was just a few hundred meters from that spot where I was getting soaked in rain - trying to push a very heavy car all by myself. But those few hundred meters seemed longer than any distance I have travelled so far. The damage to the car was way beyond I could anticipate...the engine got jammed as somehow water entered some God-for-saken pipe...whew! This cost my dad loads...and I didn't drive his car for many months to come.

Since then rains and I have had a love-hate relationship...

But seriously, guys tell me - what is it that you like about the rains that you would want it to rain more than necessary. By 'necessary' I mean - the amount of rains that our agriculture requires, or our health requires...but anything more than that is just trouble to me. The roads go from bad to worse, the traffic becomes pain in the a** from pain in the neck and there is just too much of muck all over.

Well - that is just me...I am sure one amongst rare to feel so about one of the better liked phenomenon - Rains! There still could be a healthy divide on how many like / dislike other seasons like summer, winter - but for rains - I feel most would like to love rains. Please tell me why???

That's it from leave your comments and feedback. Thanks...take care, keep smiling and drive very carefully when it rains.

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