Wednesday 6 August 2008

My latest purchase - writer's block!


I come back to writing after a really long last 30 days, I could manage just one post. Well - after all I am one of the few who bought Calvin's invention - the Writer's Block!!! Anyhow, now I am back and first would like to fill in with what has been happening in my life...

Last month has not just seen me buy the block, but also some hectic schedules along with some real fun times. It has been an exciting month for more than one reason...

It is sort of difficult to start here...what should I set the ball rolling...hmmm...let me just start...

Okay - after ages...and I actually mean ages did I read two novels in a month (by that I mean, from start to finish). Yes - that used to be regular when I was in college, but in recent years - I manage to complete one (or two at the max) in a year. But July saw me finish two...the good part is that I am on with my third now.

I first took up "Deception Point' by Dan Brown. This was a fast paced political drama - very enthralling. I would probably not rate it better than The Da Vinci Code - but it was good enough for me to burn the midnight oil for three consecutive nights and finish the novel. It was yet another 'unputdownable' from this author (first being TDVC).

My second novel of the month was Chetan Bhagat's 'The 3 mistakes of my life'. "Wow" is all that I can say for this story...truth and fiction have been blended beautifully by Bhagat in this story. I am tempted to call this one yet another 'unputdownable' that I got my hands on. I don't think comparng Dan Brown and Chetan Bhagat makes any sense - both are in different leagues and are leaders in their respective leagues.

Now, in August - I have recently (last night that is) started reading yet another bestseller from Dan Brown - Angels & Demons. It certainly promises to keep me up for couple of more nights - that's all that I can say about what I think of this novel.

Well then - reading novels apart, there were other exciting things that I was a part of. One of them being my trying out food at Varq - before its official launch. Wells thanks a ton S&S...Food at Varq was not just delectable - but it was food's presentation that completely awed me. It is an Indian cuisine restaurant - but completely the only one of its kind - AMAZING!

One of the most special occasion for the month of July was coming together of Tina and my dear friends - Arif and Shriya as husband & wife. They got married on 17th, 18th and 18th of July. If you are thinking what does this mean...well that is the exciting part. On the 17th - these two got married legally, in court that is. Then on the morning of 18th - they got married with Hindu rituals and later in the day - had a Nikah as well. Yeah - got married thrice within 24 hours!!! Well - I wish both of them the best and all the happiness they has been long over-due.

With all this excitement - consider this that I work in an environment where each moment could bring in something to excite, trouble, push me down or pull me up...that is the brilliance of working on your own and owning a start-up! Guys - do visit Grehom - tell me what you think of it, give me suggestions on what you think can / should improve...your inputs shall be greatly appreciated!

All right then - that is all for now. Will try and be more regular with my posts this month. Take care and keep smiling...

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