Friday 20 March 2009

Johari Windows

I had first been introduced to the concept of Johari Windows in 1999-2000. My sister had undergone this test as an off-site activity and came back ga-ga about these windows. It was that sort of a phase for me that I was absorbing just about anything non-academic and Johari Windows became one such concept.

I don't want to try and hold a class or lecture on what this tool does. I am sure you can read and understand all that you my want to from following link:

I basically want to introduce this tool, which can help improve interpersonal skills, to people who do not know of it. Better still - you can take this test online and know how you stand on this test. Just one suggestion, take this test if you are willing to take some feedback from your friends - if not, then better not try it.

Well - for those who want to try it out...try it here:

You could leave your feedback for me @


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