Wednesday 4 March 2009

The New World Order

Terrorism has been a part of our society since my childhood. This I do not say with pride, but with some amount of fear and sadness. But till a little while ago - terror was terrorising someone else. Now that it has entered my own house - how do I keep quiet and how do I ignore it any longer?

I think the new world order is to accept terrorism and to understand that this scenario cannot be ignored or underestimated. I am not suggesting that we should all live in fear and I am most certainly not suggesting that we should accept defeat and give-in to whatever demands terrorist outfits may have. All that I want to say is - do not be complacent. Do not live with "it-won't-happen-to-me" attitude...because, it actually can!

I do not know how this will change our society or how the coming generations will deal with it. What I do know is - life is set to change and we need to wake up to it, we need to accept it, we need to prepare ourselves for it.

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