Wednesday 23 October 2013

Love Poem

You do more than I ask
You think ahead, every time
You make it easier for me
You are my strength, my prime

You help me see reason
You make me face reality & still smile 
You are the centre of my universe
You have been, for a while

You want the best for me
You definitely deserve the best as well
You may try and show you are strong, but
You do get hurt, I can tell

You can rely on me - now & forever
You can trust me to be there
You can ask me to prove it - anytime
You can throw me a dare

You may get angry on my short-comings
You may be disappointed with my attitude
You will never be without me, unless
You give me the boot

You may not see me much improved, but,
You can, hopefully, see that I am trying to
You can, hopefully, see how much I care
You know, hopefully, how much I love you

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