Wednesday 18 June 2014

My Skydive Video...Old now, but still :)

My first big adventure, my first big leap
Standing on the edge, looking down 13000ft. - my reaction was "oh! *beep*"

Joe (parachute guy) instructed me to do little on my own and follow the rules
Harnessed me tight enough to worry about my 'crown jewels'

The aircraft ascended and so did my nerves, but Joe was busy cracking jokes about my weight
Just before the jump, I felt better with his simple words "don't worry mate"

Strong winds hit me and my mind went blank,
This is when I realised we had jumped off the plank

With speed more than 200kmph, free fall got my heart racing
Once the chute opened up, view of Dubai was breath-taking

Joe pointed out all key attractions on the land
I was awe-struck with the beauty of sea and desert sand

Max, the photographer, should be thanked here because his work is great
It is because of him, in future, I will have memories to view and celebrate

Landing was smooth, hit the ground on my bums
Adrenaline was high, heart was still beating like a thousand drums

I was back to earth but I didn't want the experience to end
I can only say that "try this NOW, my friend

Adventure, thrill and fun - all come together here
There is no hiding, no turning back - go ahead and conquer your fear"

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