Thursday 14 August 2014

College Reunion

The idea of going for reunions doesn't just bring about one set of emotions, there are host of them - before going, while one is there and after. These emotions run high for particularly those who haven't been in touch with most of their batchmates (reasons irrespective) and may also make it that much tougher for them to attend these reunions.

Before one goes for the reunion - there is excitement to meet people - some of whom we haven't met or stayed in touch with since college and some who are still part of our lives. There is some sense of fear, especially if you weren't the popular one back in the day or were the butt of all jokes, fear of bringing back everything that you think you had managed to put to bed since. There is a sense of getting into something you know very little about, obviously people change - and what you remember of them may / may not hold true at all today. 

But alas, realisation dawns - not everything / everyone changes. This happens simply because meeting people from past brings back our past self to over-power the current self. Good friends then, manage quick connections (even if they never met & spoke after college) - at the same time, there are higher chances for us to not like the people we didn't like then. Our past prejudices, experiences and opinions come flashing back. Tricky part is to come face to face with the person you had a crush on...whew! 

There is no set time to come out of the reunion, but the duration lapsed between your entry and exit definitely suggests how it all went for you. For some it would have gone as smoothly as a breeze, for some it would have been tad difficult - just as college used to be.

I cannot say whether one should definitely, always attend reunions - I am not the kinds to be comfortable in big groups (too much fake smiling required). But I still believe, once in a while, meeting people from our past is important - if for no other reason, then for us to get reminded of what & how we used to be. This is important to run a reality check for today - whether we are a better version of our past self or worse!

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