Thursday 14 August 2014

The Dreaded 'Thin Line'

There is something dreadful about the 'thin line' - dividing the good from the bad, the acceptable from the unacceptable, from the conventional to the unconventional. Not only is this a thin line, but isn't of a constant size - making it further difficult to understand where the one side ends and the other begins!

To top it up, it is generally difficult to know when the line has been crossed, until the line is actually crossed.

The thin line between being just good friends and being in a relationship (I anyway, don't believe a man & a woman can ever be just good friends), the thin line between being considered a terrorist or a revolutionary (Bhagat Singh), the thin line between healthy flirting and sexual harassment, the thin line between ethical and legal, the thin line between good thing to do and right thing to do, the thin line between genius and insane, the thin line between a joke and harsh sarcasm, the thin line between being pushy and being persevering, the thin line between expectations and demands in relationships, the thin line between... 

Ever so often I happen to cross the dreaded thin line and pay for it dearly. But, as the cartoon below shows - sometimes a boundary has to be crossed to know where it really is.

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