Monday 22 September 2014

My Promise!

If a bad patch comes and shit hits the fan
If things go wrong
If love is forgotten along the way
I will still stay positive & strong

If anger blocks out everything
If logic & reasoning become meaningless
If all bridges seem burned down
I will still not become loveless

If our future together begins to look dim
If all looks bad and end seems near
If only sadness & pain remain
I will still take care of you, my dear

If running away becomes the only option
If there is no light, only despair
If thoughts of killing the relationship become stronger
I will still be looking for ways to repair

If time is up, with nothing more to do or say
If all the frustrations start choking
If going separate ways comes closer to reality
I will still try to save us and no matter what, continue trying

If our ship starts to sink
If all efforts are done, but fail
If you are no where in sight
I will still, somehow, anyhow - find you and never bail!

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