Monday 6 October 2014

Human Mirrors

“Look in the mirror and one thing is sure: what we see is not who we are.” ― Richard Bach, The Bridge Across Forever: A True Love Story

There is something fascinating about mirrors, something mystical actually. Mirrors allow us to see things about ourselves that are as is - also allow us to visualise who we would want to be. This vision of reality & visualisation of fantasy are some of the truest moments of our day, which are becoming increasingly rare. Either scenario - not seeing the reality and not being able to visualise our fantasy is linked to losing a bit of confidence, a bit of faith and a bit of our ability to dream.

Pressures of daily life, experiences that have changed us, feeling of limitations that has crept in, responsibilities that have piled-on over time...are just some of the parameters that lead to creation of a changed perception of ourselves in our mind...leading to losing touch with both, the reality as is and the fantasy that we would want to carry in our dreams.

The life we lead becomes our reality, not realising just because we are flowing with the flow - it is necessarily the reality. We have the power to change course of our lives and thus, change the reality itself. We don't even see the possibility of an alternative reality, however small difference there is in the alternative from the present.

Over a period of time I have come to understand that there are 2 kinds of mirrors - inanimate & animate mirrors. The former is, obviously, easier to understand - these are the mirrors, the objects that show us our reflection and we find them at various places around us.

The inanimate mirrors are just objects that, when added with introspection, show us the reality and allow us to take a moment to think about the fantasy we once had for ourselves...this moment at times can be enough for us to start visualising that fantasy once remind us of the path we would want to be reignite a spark inside us to get closer to that fantasy. Unfortunately, this moment of time, which may have renewed our interest in our fantasy, is nothing but a moment of time and fades away - sooner than later. Rarely the renewed spark, brought out in that moment, is strong enough to offset the reasons that subdued the spark in the first place.

What I call animate mirrors are actually humans or 'human mirrors'. There are certain people, whom we come across and immediately connect with. This connection is more than just is deeper, it is is about understanding  each and every aspect about the other person. In order to clarify this further, I am suggesting understanding the other person, not accepting or appreciating everything about the other person. 

With human mirrors, I believe the connection is strong due to similarities between the two individuals...similarities of background, similarities in outlook, similarities in attitude, similarities in dreams and fears, similarities in understanding of this world and life in general...similarities in self-image. I will rather extend this to say that human mirrors, have mirroring nature & habits, hopes & dreams, fears & pain...

It is not difficult to imagine that finding even one person in our life, with such similarities and understanding is a rarity and thus nothing short of God's gift.

Much like the inanimate mirrors, the animate mirrors help us see our reality of the moment and also, have the ability and to remind us of what we would want to be...essentially, bring out our subdued and forgotten visions and dreams. They have the understanding to see alternative realities for us and the willingness to suggest we do something about making the change.

Standing in front of the 'human mirrors' for long, or even meeting them often or, for that matter speaking with them on a regular basis is not important...irrespective of the geographical distance and the time lapsed since the last communication exchange, 'human mirrors' never lose the ability to work as mirrors.

It is important to note that all that has been said above about human mirrors, stands quite true for friends in general. However, there is a slight difference between friends and human mirrors. A friend may not hold on to the willingness to become a mirror - thus may not be able to continue to understand the other person after a period of time. This gap in willingness, compromises not just the ability to completely understand the other person, but also the ability to show reality and the vision for future. And this, in my view is the simple difference between a friend and a human mirror!

A human mirror shall never lose this understanding & willingness...A human mirror shall never show a distorted view...a human mirror shall never show an image just to please.

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