Wednesday 31 December 2014

My Prayer This New Year

Issue is deeper, issue lies within me - not outside
I hope I can accept this

Things are manageable and in my control
I hope I can realise my own power

Problems are trivial in comparison to the universe
I hope I can understand that I am just a speck

Society, people, circumstances - these are just vehicles
I hope I can open my mind

Am I brain-washed & slave today to society?
I hope I can wake up one day & break free

Is this world as gloomy as it feels today?
I hope I can one day see its beauty & glory

Each new morning is a gift, not my right
I hope I can make the most of each single day

If there is one change in me that I ask for,
I hope I can learn to value what I have & thank God for it

At start of every year, there is a list of resolutions
I hope I can keep one this year & become a better person!

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