Tuesday 1 July 2008

Kiss and Make-up


In his latest book, Chetan Bhagat has touched upon an interesting piece of information that I think is worth sharing. It is about chimpanzees, but makes a lot of sense for us, humans, as well.

As Bhagat writes, in a group of chimps - male of the species would fight amongst each other over food, women, wine (that's my contribution) and anything else worth fighting for...but at the end of it, no matter who wins or loses - they would kiss each other on the lips and make-up...yeah, kiss and make-up! Well, Bhagat also mentions that this is done to ensure that no matter what reason was for this fight, in the end - they all belong to the same group and this should not get in the way of their otherwise loving relationship!

I came across this and thought that if chimps are clever enough not to carry on their grudges, why can't we try and do the same. It may sound weird at first - because reader's mind is still stuck on the aspect that male chimps kiss each other on the lips...but try and read more into it. Think about it - would it not make a difference if we could just kiss (the person we are allowed to kiss) after any fight / skirmish - if we could just manage to tell that look let's move on...would this not make a difference immediately.

The point here is simple, please decide - are chimps smarter than us or are humble enough to forgive!

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