Tuesday 16 September 2008

Legally Married Now...


Today is another very special day - I and Tina (my wife) became legally married as well...earlier we were certified by Hindu customs, fire God and society to live a married life - now we have been issued certificated by the law to carry on living a married life!

It may not mean much or a lot in days to come - but I still felt good to have Tina by my side. She's the kind who could just as easily become as the wife shown above to the kind that she really is - someone who knows and understands me the best.

Well - this is just to let Tina know that I love her loads...now and forever!


Anonymous said...

Dude, your post does not clarify whether you are happy or sad about the fact that you are legally bound now!!
your words sound happy but the pic says another story.
anyway congrats Sir!

Mudit Aggarwal said...

@ Anonymous:

I think one needs a little bit of imagination & sense of humour to understand the irony here.