Sunday 28 September 2008

Terror hits Delhi


It seems like bombs can just go off at will now...whether they are sophisticated and well planned, like the ones that went off on 13th Sept 2008 or one-off incident like the one that went off in Mehrauli, yesterday. There certainly seems to be some buzz about it, some weird sense of fear and threat that hovers on us and this has become a talking point between people in Delhi and people out side Delhi.

There has been good deal of media coverage, both as a part of their duty and as a selling sensation. Media and police do make attempts in sending out messages that should educate and enable individuals in better-managing this fear. But we still live with it, crumble under it at times and that is the biggest victory for minds that plan and action such dastardly deeds.

The biggest aim for terrorists is to spread fear and unrest amongst masses. This can have a snow-ball affect on a locality, then quickly spread across the city and finally have the country in its grip. This is beyond law and order situation - since this is to do with our mind. If we continue to live under cloud of fear, what life would it be!

A friend of mine says - the only way to fight terrorism is to fight fear in our minds...a good thought to leave you guys with - I guess. Think about it, there is nothing else to it and there is no other way to it either...

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