Saturday 11 January 2014

To My Much Better Half

How I thank the Lord for making you cross paths with mine
You made me the happiest when you agreed to be my bride

On my own, I am not much fun...gloomy really
With you, I am joyfully passing through life's grind

Navigating through life's maze isn't easy
Just what I needed - you came in as my friend, philosopher and guide

I am socially awkward, don't know how to pretend much
You always reach for me, help me relax and unwind

On the dance floor I wouldn't know my left from my right
Yet, I am dancing through this life with you by my side

I can be cocky and stuck up at times
You keep me centred, always manage to straighten my mind

My family associates with you more, love you as their own
You are everyone's pride...always so dignified

You make me whole, you are my much better half
I say this with absolute certainty - there is no one of your kind!

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