Friday 11 April 2014

Egypt: A Land of History & Wonder

After nearly three years of wanting, planning, almost booking twice before - Tina and I finally visited Egypt (in March '14). The build-up of expectations from 'holiday-in-Egypt', over all this time, was weighing upon us when we finally started from home. We didn't know how will it all unfold, we were skeptical - especially given the continued reports of political unrest and violence there. Now that we are back - we know tourism has quite unnecessarily and most unfortunately suffered due to all the negative media coverage Egypt has received in last 12-15 months.

Egypt is a complete holiday destination, something that rather came as a surprise to me. For me, the excitement of seeing the pyramids and ticking off another 'Wonder of the World' was big enough & almost the only attraction in this country. I couldn't have been more inaccurate in judging reasons to visit Egypt.

Every travel agent that we spoke with offered us a 7 day package, offered same things - with the only difference being in hotels offered. We went ahead, planned and booked this holiday on our own...spent 10 days instead - but we still couldn't do everything and see everything that must be done & seen. I think one needs 3 weeks to do justice and experience everything offered in Egypt.

From its chaotic cities to the tranquil Nile, from relaxed beaches to the adventurous deep sea diving in Red Sea...from structures dating back to 4000+ years, to the 20th century technology that helped preserve temples of Abu Simbel (read about it here)...from man made marvels to breath-taking natural corals...Egypt is truly a land of history & wonder.

PS: For select few pictures, from the hundreds that we took - please click here.

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