Wednesday 25 September 2013

Can I...Will I...Can We...Will We?

Can God be considered as one
Can God be considered as a guiding star
Will we make an effort to become better
Will we ever raise the bar

Can free will be used for good of others
Can 'I' ever come after 'us'
Will love only be for myself
Will ego drown all of us

Can this life be lived freely
Can we ever walk without fear
Will we ever become tolerant
Will this world stop and wipe the tear

Can people manage to see eye to eye
Can people live together and become friends
Will neighbours stop fighting, once & forever
Will this world ever become a happy mix of all hues & blends

Can injustice cease to exist
Can crime ever become dust
Will consciousness awaken and shine
Will we police ourselves first

Can peace & harmony get a chance
Can love be more than just a word
Will people realise there is more than hatred
Will people think on their own, leave behind the herd

Can one man make a difference
Can one man ever start a revolution
Will I get up and say enough is enough
Will I ever stop procrastination

Can this thought ever become something more
Can this dream ever come true
Will I be the only one to think & dream
Will I also be joined by you

Can two become thousands
Can thousands percolate end to end and plea
Will then this world get another chance
Will then this world survive finally

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