Wednesday 4 September 2013

Pearls of Wisdom...or just smelly B.S.!

There is no dearth of so-called well-wishers sharing how they think we should do things, what should we do...if its high-time we took matters in our own hands...if the time has come to just stop and take stock of our life. To make matters worse, this sort of advice is followed by a hollow reassurance..."I am doing / have done so myself!". 

Since there is just a fine line between gyaan and times, both, the speaker and the listener miss when one starts to merge into the other. Given that neither gyaan nor BS is convincing without a bit of truth hidden in it, thus, the key lies in speaker's influence over his audience. If the listener, generally, believes in the speaker - there are greater chances for speaker's words to be accepted (even if not acted up on).

The biggest threat such people pose is getting unnecessary thoughts and fears in our mind. Once a seed is planted, despite all our best efforts, it takes longer than normal to not allow the seed to grow into anything bigger - eventually our own BS filters wake up and smell the s**t.

It is important to make note of the side, which the speaker usually tilts it more towards gyaan or towards BS. This will help in knowing the people around us better, which will further help us understand ourselves better. If anyone keeps & enjoys company of a person who usually faffs and throws about more than averagely acceptable BS - then there is a serious need to question the company of this person.

I am often told that in friendship one should overlook many a shortcomings, be more than willing to accept the friend as he / she is and mostly focus on the positives of friends. I consider these to be irrefutable facts about friendship...just that I have a simple question: if a person is more BS than substance, why be friends with this person? Such people could never possibly bring you any good...motivate you truly, as their words are rarely backed by their own actions.

In my opinion, life is better with few friends - who are true to themselves, true to you...than a bunch of people around you who you know are just using big words and long sentences to sound deep!

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