Sunday 13 July 2014

A Friend

Someone who understands you as you are
With whom, you are not trying - but are a natural fit

Someone who doesn't agree with you for sake of it
But, at least, catches your drift

Someone who helps you see through a difficult phase
Doesn't leave you, doesn't run and split

Someone who knows you are sorry, without your saying so
Isn't stuck on ego to move on and resolve a rift

Someone who understands when you need alone time
Yet, knows when you are lonely and need a lift, doesn't quit

Someone, with whom, you always carry on from where you left last
Even if, with time you too had gone adrift

Someone you call when in need
Who doesn't mind getting deep with you in the pit

Someone who is a privilege to have in our life,
A friend is nothing short of God's gift

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