Sunday 27 July 2014

There is no Good, without Bad

Setbacks don't always mean failure
We need to learn and not resign
Success at every step isn't possible, truly
Those who get up after a fall, are most likely to outshine

Things don't always go your way
People & plans will fall out of line
Spontaneity is good at times
Know that whatever unfolds is divine

Our lifetime is too short for grudges
Either forget & forgive or just ignore what's asinine
Cut, withdraw, stop - if you have to
Adjust - mindsets, expectations: change & refine

Bitterness generally lasts a bit longer
It is never easy to move on, restart, redesign
But one must do, as one must to survive
Find an anchor, hold on to that lifeline

Being alone doesn't mean lonely - think about it
Depressed & unhappy with people that undermine
Or - alone, but living life on your own terms
What seems better? Depends how you define...

Take a time out, think for yourself, about yourself
Be selfish for a change - chuck societal guideline
Come out better, happier and grounded
Stand tall, on your own feet - with a straight spine!

Just one lesson to remember: life isn't always good
There isn't always sunshine
Things will fall in place, sooner or later...
Open your mind, open you heart and stop your whine

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