Sunday 18 August 2013

Being alone does not necessarily mean being lonely!

Being alone...all by neither a regular feature for me, nor am I completely unaware of how it works. It started in school, I used to get a few weeks took me to Jaipur (before I got married) and now, being a married guy, it happens rarely, still I manage a few days of alone time.

For me to say that being alone is not necessarily being lonely, may be a misplaced...but this is how I feel. For our generation, there are greater distractions, tremendous work pressures and general ease of managing life with technology and services available. Living life with a partner, though may still be an ideal scenario, but is no longer a need!

Traditional roles of partners have changed, which has been a gradual change. This points me to understand that traditional need of a partner has changed as well. The need transcends constant physical long as there is an emotional one available.

Many fear this attitude...many see this as the evil of western culture eroding our sacred Indian culture...many actually believe this change could bring down the curtains on mankind on its own...but many thinking / believing in one thing at the same time does not make that thing correct! I treat being alone as part of evolution...something that's becoming normal...something we need to accept because nature will find a way to bring out a balance with this change as well.

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