Saturday 24 August 2013

I belong to a unique generation

It is quite interesting these times, generations change in a matter of years and not necessarily decades...on many matters, my wife (younger to me by 2 years) complains that I am the older generation and believes there is a generation gap between the two of us. She may not be entirely wrong...I do think that I belong to an older generation for today's youngsters.

I don't see this as a negative really, getting old or being old hasn't been of any significance for me. I wouldn't want to swap places with today's youth, I am glad to stand where I am...I am glad to be a part of my generation...I actually say that my generation is unique. The last group to claim "born in the 70's"...the last group to have seen and used things that are already obsolete.

Does this make me / my generation richer in experience, better at judgement...does it mean we become guides and path builders...does it bring up some sort of responsibility on our shoulders...well, no! Not because we shouldn't or wouldn't, but because the younger lot is a lot smarter, stronger and faster. They know themselves better than we used to at their age, which is quite a strength to hold.

I just think that I am lucky to have been born when I was...I see my seniors and feel they had it rougher...I see my juniors and feel they may be losing out on a lot of human emotions due to the pace at which their life moves. We hold the value system of our seniors and still have the hunger that matches the young. It is this 'being-in-the-middle' of the mix that makes me call my generation unique...My generation is uniquely the 'young-old'! 

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