Saturday 17 August 2013

Music on headphones is emotional therapy for me

My 18th b'day, my first year in college and my first set of headphones...obviously with my first walkman. I used to be with my music doing almost anything and everything that didn't disallow use of headphones...would even sleep listening to music, with headphones plugged in. I actually used to ride my bike with music as my companion...

To have a walkman at that age, which allowed me to listen to music at anytime, any place and as loud as I felt a strange sense, seemed to liberate me from the otherwise negatives around. Music blaring on my headphones almost always managed to clear the clutter in my head!

My 34th b'day (this year)...and I get another first of my life...a set of Bose headphones. My wife knew exactly what I feel about music and headphones...when she saw one of her colleagues use Bose headphones, she decided the gift she would get me this year.

Almost all nights I find myself listening to music on headphones - whether working, blogging, playing games or just lying down trying to sleep. Blaring music with headphones on still manages to clear the me a shot of positive energy and I consider it is an emotional therapy!

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