Monday 12 August 2013

Expectations - The Business End of Relationships

Every relationship can be looked at and dealt with in a manner of a business relationship, i.e., something that has give and take involved. The way certain businesses are long running and successful, some are short-lived and unfruitful - same is true for relationships. It is not my intention to promote managing relationships as businesses, rather it's exactly the opposite!

There are various ingredients that are mixed together to form a bond between two individuals, which then is called a relationship. Based on the mix, each relationship is formed, developed, rejoiced, continued, cherished...

My interest is specifically in one ingredient - 'expectations'. This I consider as one of the key ingredients and call it the business end of relationships. To expect something in return for an action taken - it is this transaction that brings equations, degrees, more / less into a birth of give and take! Expectations are often inexplicable, difficult to even verbalise, easiest to be misjudged with and most difficult to be met at all times.

Like in business, things are looked in terms of balance sheets - where credit and debit have to balance...we tend to develop expectations (in our minds) keeping this balance in mind. And it is right here we take a step in the direction of changing over from being in a relationship to shaking hands as business partners.

It is natural to expect, it is natural to want something from others and it is absolutely okay to do this. But burdening the ones we love with our expectations - is not only stifling, but also counter-productive for relationship's growth. Be it any relationship.Either our expectations crush others, or leave us said earlier, it is most difficult to meet anyone's expectations at all times.

Just try lowering your expectations from everyone around...try this for sometime...and see how different you start feeling yourself. You will feel relieved and you will feel less hassled...without anyone else even lifting a finger. 

If you haven't called a friend in a long now, don't wait and expect them to call. If you are expecting to be treated...step out and treat yourself...if you are expecting a raise...well don't! My mantra is - lower your expectation, give as much as you can and see the world change for better! After all, at lowest expectation levels - people can only do more than you expect from them :)

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