Friday 30 August 2013

Why Do I Write?

I have been asked this question in few different ways, by few different people...this has made me take the base question seriously - "why do I write?". The instinctive reaction I have is that I write for myself...but it is not that I write for me to read. It is neither a platform for me to only vent and cool-off nor a 'dear diary' per say. There is a definite joy I get by writing...but there is something more than just joy, which makes me write!

There are a couple of incidents from recent past that probably will help explain why I write. I was talking to a friend (please keep in mind I do not use the term 'friend' lightly / loosely) and he made the following comment about me: "normal people can't understand you easily"...I would like to take his words as "normal people can't accept and like you easily". Second - a friend saw my blog and commented - "I like the way each blog post of yours gives insight to who you are.. Who you were who you are becoming." I think these two statements about me, truly describe why I write.

Essentially, I believe I am a complex being - I do like to turn simple things into over-complex scenarios - I do like to over-think on issues and I do have an opinion on things that concern me.

Despite being an extrovert, I do not share much about me. Despite enjoying company of friends, I do not enjoy large groups. Since I don't share much easily - I feel there is a lot about me that many around me don't know, let alone understand. In essence, I write for myself - partly for the joy I get from writing and partly to share some parts of my thoughts with others. Also, because I can't sing / dance / express, thus I write! 

Almost like the caveman in the cartoon above, I write to leave my mark behind - something that's the true writing is an extension of me...for those who would simply don't matter!

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